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US map | Wisconsin | Rio | Silver Springs Campsites

Silver Springs Campsites

(920) 992-3537
N5048 Ludwig Rd
Rio, WI
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Average rating: 3 out of 5 (2 reviews)

 Anonymous post on Monday, October 13, 2014
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When arriving we noticed how nice the place was mowed.
Then we noticed the pond. I've seen swamps with cleaner water than the pond in the campground. There were more weeds/muck than there was open water. It was disgusting.
We set up camp and unpacked and decided to get some firewood from the store. Reasonably priced but good luck trying to get it to burn. We ended up having to put charcoal in the pit and lighter fluid just to get the wood to start.
Playground was nice for the kids. The arcade was a joke. Yeah I know you don't go camping to go play video games but the kids like to play once in a while and it's advertised in the brochure but they should be embarrassed by that game room.
Walked around the campground to what I would assume were the seasonal sites. Those sites were nicely done but we noticed there wasn't anything for them to do over there except a volleyball court that was a couple feet from the swamp..I mean pond...
Spoke to some nice friendly seasonals and asked them about the pond and they said its the worse its ever been and each year is worse than the last.
Not entirely sure what the benefit of being a seasonal would be since there was nothing to do in their area. Doesn't the owner put any money back into the campground?
We won't be back unless we hear the pond is cleaned up.

 Posted by on Tuesday, August 14, 2012
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Overall our family had a great time at Silver Springs this past weekend. This was our first trip to the campground and we were in the R quadrant of sites.

I'll first start with the bad. After even calling in advance and being assured about the WiFi, it did not work at our site. I'm an IT professional that must be connected and I didn't even get ATT service at this site. Also related to connectivity is the fact you only get to hook up one device to the WiFi. That means if I hooked my phone up so I could get email/text messages, my wife could not because again we couldn't even get cell service. Being disconnected with young children is rather troubling, not to mention if my work had an issue I wouldn't be able to pull open my laptop to connect and troubleshoot.

That was my biggest grip, thus the four stars. The water (from hookups) had a real foul smell to it but that isn't a show stopper. The pool was also kinda dirty but there were a lot of kids in there so it's to be expected somewhat. Also, the prices at the store were a little spendy so be sure to bring everything you need or you will pay dearly for it.

Now for the good: despite the connectivity issues with R, it was a real spacious, beautiful site. There are actually four sites in the lettered quadrants - first come, first serve. There were clean bathrooms nearby, a nice little fishing pond, great swim area, etc. There was a lot of green space for the kids to run and play - something you don't often see at a campground, as most try to cram in as many campers as possible. There was even a band Saturday night (Undercover from Madison) so that was cool if you like music and dancing a little.

I do think we'll be back, but we'll probably need a site closer to the office due to the nature of my job and having to be connected. I'll get past the connection limit by tethering.

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We have 300 30 amp electric and water campsites at Silver Springs and are ready to host your family for a weekend or week long vacation. We offer many pull through sites and large group areas. All of our campsites are designated as "block sites" and host four (4) campsites per site number or letter. As you can see with the image to the right, each site is divided into four quadrants, each with it's own electric, water, picnic table and fire pit.

When renting a campsite at Silver Springs, you place a reservation on the available block site of your choice, but the actual quadrant reserved in that site is first come, first choice.

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