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US map | Rhode Island | West Kingston | Wawaloam Campground

Wawaloam Campground

(401) 294-3039
510 Gardiner Rd
West Kingston, RI
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Average rating: 1 out of 5 (1 reviews)

 Anonymous post on Monday, July 13, 2015
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The campground is beautiful with large sites. My wife and I stayed there for two weeks.
My only issue is that my son and his pregnant wife came to join us for two nights on July 3rd and 4th. My son stopped and got a visitor pass as per park rules. They spent the night in our RV but in the morning my wife was accosted by the owner who said that overnight guests were not allowed on July 3 and 4. My wife apologized and said that we did not know about the rule (which we did not) but was told that we certainly "did know the rule." The owner was rude and disrespectful.
I went to the office and offered to pay for 2 additional adults for our entire stay (which is allowed) but was told by the young worker that she could not do that or she would get in trouble. I asked to speak with the owner but was told she was not available. I asked that she please call me, but she did not call back. I called later that afternoon and asked again that the owner call me-but she never did. I am still waiting for the call.
Unfortunately I will not go back to Wawaloam because of the rudeness of the owner and the fact that she does not even have the courtesy to return a phone call.
It is ironic that we are called liars on July 4th. My son is a Veteran of the Iraq conflict (marines) and his wife is 8 months pregnant.....
The owner is clearly on a power trip - the complete "rules" were not made available to us and yet we are called liars. As of today, the rules listed on the website for Wawaloam still make no mention of the prohibition of guests on holiday weekends.

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