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US map | California | Oakdale | Woodward Reservoir Regional Park

Woodward Reservoir Regional Park

(209) 847-3304
14528 26 Mile Rd
Oakdale, CA
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Average rating: 2 out of 5 (6 reviews)

 Anonymous post on Tuesday, September 09, 2014
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I used to "camp" at Woodward a great deal. I just stayed there this last weekend. The place is a cesspool. Extremely dirty. Cigarette butts everywhere, broken glass everywhere. We camped at a"developed" camp site. No running water anywhere except in the filthy disgusting restroom. The neighboring campers were playing music and being very loud until 2 am. Then at 6:30am they started blasting their mariachi music. Then a few minutes later the crew on the other side of the lake started blasting their music. During my stay I got bit by something and ended up with an MSRA infection. I'm currently unable to use my left arm until it heals. This place is disgusting and over crowded. It's not camping, it's a flea market. I would not recommend letting kids loose in this place. Just filthy.

 Anonymous post on Saturday, June 01, 2013
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The day use area needs many improvements. There are not enough shade trees and the area is filthy with litter. The park was over filled and yet they took our money to get in and after an hour of driving around to find a place we just parked the car and walked to the waters edge. They should have put a sign up that warned people there were no places available unless you were joining someone who was already there. That way we wouldn't have wasted $10. Very disappointing, will never go back and I will be sure to warn everyone I know how terrible this place is.

 Anonymous post on Tuesday, May 21, 2013
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lake camping is suppose be for camping and have fun. Not people coming over to throw party all night long and being disrespectful on the night time sleeping for others. it's awesome place to camp but getting people to respect the night time sleeping is the problem. You want late all night party then throw one at ur house not the lake.

 Anonymous post on Monday, September 03, 2012
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We took an extra day off and got there early to try and get a good campsite. We set up our campsite at a very nice shady cove thinking we lucked out this time. Had to go to the store since our tent broke and when we got back some people had actually moved into our campsite and moved our stuff. They did not even care that our boat or belongings were there. That night, they played the most horrible mexican music and yelled like coyotes all night. It was so miserable. The yelling did not stop until around 8:30 am. The trip was miserable. Then on the way out, our second car which was only $10.00 was charged $25.00 per night even though the sign stated $10. The excuse was that our registrations did not have the same name on them. Rip off. No running water, outhouses, which were so horribly dirty. dust bowl. The only thing that was nice was the water. So be careful because it is a dangerous place. If you are a drunken partier and dont sleep at night then the place is worth the money. Very expensive for the torture.

 Anonymous post on Thursday, September 15, 2011
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I admit, this is a beautiful place to camp at.

I just won't ever come back because they charge you $10 to get in and $20 leave. YES you read it right...THEY CHARGE YOU $20 to leave. Seriously who charges you to get in and then charges you to leave?

I came here to visit a friend's campsite for 2 hours only and that's what we told the lady at the entrance booth collecting the fees, she couldn't even be cool about it and give us a freakin senior vehicle discount which is only $5. And when we were leaving the guy at the booth said it's $20...and I was like WHAT? Are you kidding me? We're only in there for 2hrs and you're gonna charge us $20 to leave? He then said well you can always come back for free tomorrow with this receipt. I told him we're trying to go home not stay here and espcially NOT coming back ever again after being ripped OFF. I made it clear to him that it was a rip off and we weren't coming back there EVER again.

 Anonymous post on Thursday, September 15, 2011
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For my FIRST TIME CAMPING IN MY LIFE this place was pretty cool. Of course any dust, dirt, bugs, or whatever was irritating me.. BUT the site was good.

Just a few steps away from the bathrooms and showers (that the camp staff cleaned every morning like before 5am!) I went with like a GANG LOAD of people (like 33 tents worth of people) so we were the loudest in the area... but we had a good time. We didnt complain about anyone and they didnt complain about us... Water was nice... the boats and stuff had to stay at a slow speed as they got closer to the shore so it was safe.. we had alot of kids with us and they enjoyed themselves (despite us all getting sunburned OUCH)

Overall.. I would go back and not because I AM MEXICAN as alot of racist reviewers were afraid of. No one got shot... I didnt see any cockroaches.. though u are outside camping so isnt bugs and stuff expected?? No one got kicked out or anything.. we ate ...drank.. and CONQUERED!!

Hope to go back before the Summer is over!

Map and Nearby Campgrounds

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Campground type: RV Parks,
Woodward Reservoir is located at 14528 26-Mile Road a few miles north of Oakdale off Hwy 120. This regional park offers 3,767 acres of land and 2,900 acres of reservoir for recreation and camping. Facilities include 115 developed campsites, 40 full hook-up campsites, undeveloped camping areas, marina, concessions, restrooms, picnic shelter, barbeques, picnic tables, and radio control airplane field.

Campsites are available on a "first-come first-serve basis"; no reservations are available at this time.

Campsites are located at:
- 32 Developed sites at Fischer Point
- 19 Developed sites at Charlie’s Point
- 40 Full hook-ups at Hackberry Flat
- 42 Developed sites at T Island
- 21 Developed sites at Muir Point
- Undeveloped camping is also available in designated areas.

Recreation opportunities include swimming, fishing, boating, water/jet skiing, waterfowl hunting (with permit), and radio control airplane flying.

In the near future, you can expect to see exciting changes when you visit Woodward Reservoir. Stanislaus County and the South San Joaquin Irrigation District are spending over $1 million to improve existing campsites, picnic areas, and restrooms. More trees will be added to the landscape and additional developed campgrounds and day-use facilities will be built. Since water from Woodward Reservoir is now a source of drinking water for cities in our region, state and federal laws no longer allow camping in undeveloped campsites along the water line. As of November 1, 2004, camping in undeveloped campsites is prohibited within 30 feet of the high water mark.

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