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US map | Wisconsin | Iola | Iola Pines Campground

Iola Pines Campground

(715) 445-3489
100 Fairway Dr
Iola, WI
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Average rating: 4 out of 5 (3 reviews)

 Anonymous post on Wednesday, September 09, 2015
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Family friendly campground with newer owners. Impressed with the family activities and attentive & personable owners. Spacious sites and most with water & electric. When you order firewood, they bring to your sire right away.
Keep watch on this campground as it popularity is on the rise. And in a great area for other activities like the Iola car show % rafting (Dings Dock).

 Anonymous post on Sunday, July 05, 2015
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We got a nice surprise picking this campground for the 4th of July weekend. First of all they have a very nice in ground pool that the kids loved and was very clean. They also had family activities scheduled all weekend that you could participate in from bean bag tosses to karaoke again the kids loved it. There was a little game room which we also had fun doing. The community bathrooms and showers were clean and supplied well. We will be back.

 Posted by on Thursday, July 14, 2011
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Iola Pines was a pretty interesting experience for our family - probably the most memorable we'll ever have in our lives! It was actually our first camping trip in our new Jayco - it was early May 2010 and it was a pretty chilly. We were the only weekend campers in the entire place. There were a lot of old, rickety full-time seasonal sites but nobody seemed to be there. It was creepy actually. Needless to say check-in/out were a breeze. There were really no amenities available - maybe we were a bit early in the year for that, but it didn't really look like there was much to do regardless. Even cell phone coverage was bleak. We were in the big group site and - to no fault of theirs - it snowed a very, very heavy snow that first evening. We made snowmen and had a blast with it. Old trees were falling all around us from the heavy snow - one directly on a site where we WERE going to park (thank God we moved). There were a good number of owls hooting through the night. I must say it felt like we were in Blair Witch or something. But, like I said we made the best of the weekend, but it's highly doubtful that we will return now that we've seen some of the more modern campgrounds in the area.

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