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US map | California | Reedley | Lindy's Landing & Campground

Lindy's Landing & Campground

(559) 897-2885
41920 Road 38
Reedley, CA
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Average rating: 4 out of 5 (1 reviews)

 Anonymous post on Saturday, March 24, 2012
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Most camps are really stacked and packed with no hope of any real space to call your own. This place is not one of those! You are able to hang out and camp fire with friends and easily have room to get together. This place rocks! You have Hot Showers and a bathroom,playground,horseshoe pit,boat launch and much more. I feel they are a little bit high on the price with a $50.00 a night charge per couple or $25.00 per person to camp. That being said,I have paid close to that before with alot Less to offer. So,if the amenities count then this is well worth the Bang for your Buck! I have to say,all in all,we really loved this place. One down side is the lack of area to the place as a whole,you can walk from end to end in 10 min. If you are thier with friends and a boat,you will love it,However,we did have one major issue with the "residents" that live there full time up top. These are full time "tweekers" for sure. They did not steal,but did come and ask for beers and cigs uninvited. After we asked them to leave and mentioned it to Paula,this was no longer a problem and we did not see them again.

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