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US map | Michigan | Traverse City | Ranch Rudolf Inc

Ranch Rudolf Inc

(231) 947-9529
6841 Brown Bridge Rd
Traverse City, MI
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We take a great deal of pride in honoring and preserving much of the Great American West, a tradition this country was founded upon. Respecting simpler times and staying true to family, friends, and horsemanship are all core values to what it is we stand for and believe in.

The Ranch has been family owned and operated by the Hamill family since 1982. Family ties run deep here where parents Sid and Melody, daughter LeeAnn, and son Justin are always on site helping with the daily operational duties. The Ranch is a special place to the Hamillsí, you see, the Ranch is not only a job or livelihood, but itís a place that really gets into your blood. Itís a lifestyle, itís a feeling. Itís a place where hard work provides great rewards and a chance to live the life you wouldnít change for anything in the world. It is the place the kids, LeeAnn and Justin, were raised; itís where holidays are spent with extended family and friends; and where many of their milestone celebrations have been held and vows shared. It is a special place, and definitely a place worth sharing.

We invite you to come and share in the heritage of the Ranch. At the core of our mission is providing families a place to come together and create memories that will last a lifetime and evoke a new tradition for many years to come. Your stay at the Ranch will feel like stepping back in time to a comfortable place of leisure and laughter. Whatever the season, whatever the reason, let Ranch Rudolf help you create wonderful memories with your loved ones. We strive to embrace our guests with a genuine warmth and true western hospitality and to provide a family friendly environment and the spirit of togetherness.

Our horses truly are the heartbeat of the Ranch. They are what originally brought Sid and Melody here and are the true passion of all four Hamillsí today. They have taught us so much about ourselves and we are grateful for all of our horses and the life lessons they have provided us. These wonderful animals teach us about the importance of hard work and responsibility and they never let us forget our true passion, they provide genuine experiences for our guests, and they are patient and understanding as we teach our camp students what it means to enjoy horses. Horses are everywhere on the Ranch and it is no coincidence, they are the constant reminders of who we are and where we came from and we are honored to be able to share them with you.

We certainly try to do our part to help maintain the integrity of the natural beauty that surrounds us. We are immensely proud and appreciative of what we have and where we are. The natural beauty of the Ranch and its surroundings is truly breathtaking. From the clear waters of the Boardman River to the abundance of wildlife found throughout land and air around us, it is a place worth discovering.

Every season on the Ranch brings new experiences and adventures as well as a new group of guests. No matter the season we remain true to who we are and our goal of offering our guests an experience to remember.

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