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US map | New Jersey | Freehold | Pine Cone Resort

Pine Cone Resort

(732) 462-2230
340 Georgia Rd
Freehold, NJ
Own this campground? Take control.

Events and Themed Weekends

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Average rating: 1 out of 5 (1 reviews)

 Anonymous post on Wednesday, June 05, 2013
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We stayed here over the labor day weekend. Check in was a little complicated, because they were busy. I get that, but this blonde, wanna be biker type woman, who says she is the owner, gets all hostile with the people in front of us over the type of site they had requested. I thought that to be an odd way to treat a guest. Then, on Saturday night, at 10:30, she is running around to campsites, screaming at guests about the way they had their cars parked. Said something about getting violations from the town. Come on, on a Saturday, in the middle of the night? Apparently, she was having an estrogen meltdown. I won't come back to this place

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