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US map | Wisconsin | Watertown | River Bend RV Resort

River Bend RV Resort

(920) 261-7505
W6940 Rubidell Road
Watertown, WI
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Average rating: 2 out of 5 (2 reviews)

 Anonymous post on Monday, July 07, 2014
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We camped here for years, had good experiences. Went back July of 2014 and had a horrible experience. Music so loud our kids were upset because the seasonal people think they own the place. Fine you own your lot and pay dues. Good for you. We are paying customers too!!! Have some respect, don't drive drunk. Stop dropping the F- bomb near children, camping is supposed to be about family...not getting as drunk as you can and showcasing your cursing skills. The sad part is, the people we were the most offended and disgusted by weren't teens or young was middle-aged and older adults. The teens driving the carts actually slowed down around my children, unlike the drunk middle aged and older men/women who were too drunk to see or care about kids on their bikes. Same with the language...the teens were nice to my kids, threw candy at the parade to them. It was the 'adults' at the seasonal spots who didn't know how to produce 10 words without cussing. The pool is nice, the lifeguards strictly enforce no swim floats (no arm floats,noodles, etc)except for coast guard approved devices....BUT, they overlook when the seasonal people smoke as they sit along the pool, with no ash tray. We appreciate the safety precautions, but how about some hygiene???? Letting people smoke/drink/eat right next to the pool (one lady was eating popcorn IN the pool) is kind of gross for the rest of us. It's just frustrating when you spend a good amount of money to camp there and you are made to feel like your business isn't wanted by the seasonals.

 Anonymous post on Thursday, September 05, 2013
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The amenities of the pool, slide, activity center and jumping pillow are great! You just need to be careful walking from A to B because it can be a racetrack of golf carts. Security is not equipped to handle all these situations. The culture of the owners is that they own it so they will do what they want....they really don't care about the common folk!

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We welcome you to enjoy our family oriented camping resort. For years River Bend has been a hidden diamond in the Midwest for premiere camping and family fun. Our amenities are endless and offer something for the entire family. We challenge you to be bored with all these different activities to choose from:

River Bend Inn Restaurant and Lounge (Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks!)
Our own waterpark with two huge water slides (includes kiddie pool for those new swimmers!)
Huge fenced dog runs for your companions
Driving range and miniature golf
Boat launch with canoes for our camping guests
Fully stocked camping store for those last minute needs
Two outdoor jungle gyms and swing sets
Baseball, basketball, volleyball, shuffleboard, horseshoe pits, tennis courts and fields
WIFI Access
Did we mention the Saturday night music and bands at the Pavilion?
Bikes and Trykes
Skate Park
Golf Cart Rental
Mining Camp
Dunk Tank
Jumping Pillow
Water Wars
Swim Zone / Pond Inflatables

We feel that it is important that our camping activities appeal to the entire family and give everyone something special to do. Meet new friends and spend time around the campfire with old friends as well. Everyone is welcome to River Bend and we look forward to meeting you and your family soon.

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Bud Styer
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