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US map | Ohio | N. Lawrence | Clay's Park Resort

Clay's Park Resort

(330) 854-6691
13190 Patterson St. N.W.
N. Lawrence, OH
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Clay's Park Resort was the vision and dedicated work of our grandfather, Mr. Otis D. Clay. The property for the park was secured in 1945 through the purchase of several tracts of land just southwest of Canal Fulton, Ohio.

Plans were developed around Otis's vision and work began in 1947. A complete "Family Fun Center" was the goal. The first task after clearing the land, was to tap into the natural spring that fed another lake on the property.
Otis D. Clay

Clays Park Swim Lake 1958 Countless man hours were spent on crafting this wonderous vision and on Memorial Day, 1948, Clay's Park officially opened it's gates to hordes of eager and curious visitors. People came from miles around to take in the natural beauty and excitment generated by this new man-made wonder.

According to the COO, Peggy Clay McQuaide, our growth has allowed us not only to develop one of the finest RV Resorts in America but also to expand our newly renovated Melody Barn for music lovers.

Our grandfather's vision has evolved into a variety of national festivals at Clay's Park. For many years Clay's Park has hosted thousands of people attending our festivals and events.

Noteworthy festivals include The Yankee Peddler Festival, The Country Fest, Rock The Resort Music Festival, My Pet Festival, Ohio Safety Fest, Wicked Weekends in October and more.

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