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US map | Virginia | Cortez | Misty Mountain Camp Resort

Misty Mountain Camp Resort

56 Misty Mountain Road
Cortez, VA
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Average rating: 2 out of 5 (1 reviews)

 Posted by on Sunday, September 25, 2011
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My wife and I stayed at Misty Mountain (May 2011). We camped in a pop-up. This campground has two sections; one is fairly level with a stream running through it. The other section is on "the mountain". To get to this area you have to navigate a steep paved road that has some pretty good curves in it. There were numerous large rigs that camped up there, so it's not as difficult to navigate as it looks

Based on amenities, this is not the worst campground. However there were some serious draw backs for us. I suffer from MD. When making reservation I discussed this with the person taking the reservations and told her we needed a site close and easily accessible to the bath house. She agreed and suggested a site on the mountain just across the drive from it. This was agreed on and the reservation was confirmed.

When we arrived, we found that they had already rented this site and assigned us a site on the opposite side of the campground from the bath house. After some serious discussion they finally put us in site two rows from the bath house but we had to walk up a steep, poorly maintained gravel road to get to it. I still had to drive

This CG gets its water from a well. We found after we hooked up that water was brown, probably from recent heavy rains. That's understandable but we were not told about this at check in. It did clear up over the next day or so, but we still didnít use it for drinking water.

The bath house is fairly modern but not cleaned during our 3 day stay. When this was brought to the staff's attention, they wanted to argue about it, claiming they had been cleaned every day. Unless the same bugs died the exact same spot as the previous one, the same paper was dropped in the same spot and the same exact mud streaks (I think & hope it was mud) were left, it was obvious that no cleaning had been done.

They also didnít have any handicapped facilities in the bath house on the mountain.

As stated the lower level had the leveler sites. This area also appeared to have quite a few seasonal campers. The sites on the mountain are very small, the area that you would park a camper were pretty close to level. Many are not much more than area you can pull of the road. Ours did not have a fire ring. We did not have enough level area left over for a 10x10 tarp. We used it, but had to make adjustments to get it close to level.

We were told upon arrival the cable was not working. Wi-Fi did work, even on the mountain, but it is a weak signal and slow.

I think the price that is charge for this campground is very high. We visited some other CGs in the area that where better kept, looked nicer and where about half the price. If they charged $20 to $30 a night this would be an average CG. At their premium rates, it's well below average.

For us, this is a campground that we will use only if our first, second & third choices are not available.

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Misty Mountain Camp Resort offers a delightful, relaxing vacation at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains near historic Charlottesville, Virginia. Whether you're looking for a private getaway, a group gathering, or fun with the kids, Misty Mountain Camp Resort is sure to meet your needs.Our scenic 50 acre park provides private sites nestled in the trees and a large recreational building with banquet seating to accommodate any large group.

Explore nature trails, splash in our pool, sit by the creek, fish in our pond, play at several playgrounds, climb our hills, shoot hoops and spike the volleyball or pitch horseshoes, take a hayride, enjoy live music and dances, shop at the General Store, shoot pool and play video games, relax in solitude or join with new friends - the choice is yours and it's all at Misty Mountain Camp Resort!

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