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 Anonymous post on Sunday, January 19, 2014
We have camped at Evergreen for the past 4 years at least twice a year. Saturday we went to the Green Bay RV and Camping show and We were SO shocked to learn that Tracy was no longer working for them. The first year we came we had a slight issue with out site and we went to speak to someone about it and it was Tracy who had one of the staff members come out and help us level our trailer, She was so understanding and each time remembered us and always made it a point to say hi and ask if everything was ok. We proceeded to the other booths and there at another campground we saw Tracy!! We asked why she was no longer there and you could see the hurt in her eyes as she said it was just a decision they made. We know she will do great anywhere she goes and we will definitely see her there but we know her heart and soul was at Evergreen and we hated to see how tough it was for her to say she was no longer there when that is what she sooo loved.
Anonymous post on Monday, January 20, 2014
Where did Tracy go to work?
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