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 Anonymous post on Sunday, September 07, 2014
Campground is nice for the kids.
Owner is a complete jerk. If you have a complaint he ignores you. Charges outrageous fees for moving a seasonal on or off plus gets 7 percent if you want to sell and does nothing for it. Never going back and will spread the word.
Anonymous post on Tuesday, September 09, 2014
Donít let the gate hit you in the "a**" on your way out. Jim puts your 7% back into the park! Did your kids fish in the new pond? Did they use the new inflatables in the lake? Were you disturbed after 11pm when Santa was on the job. Did you find the bathrooms clean and tidy? Your 7% makes this happen, so thank you. Jim gets flooded with requests. Not saying he couldnít be more approachable at times, but he is there for you when it counts. He has been more than gracious/giving to my family and I know for a fact many more in the park. You will realize at some point in the future if you continue camping how awesome the amenities are at Evergreen, the fees make this happen. Its a vacation destination and it takes money to operate!
Signed a 6 year seasonal.
Anonymous post on Friday, October 03, 2014
Really? His highness Mr. Button puts that 7% back into the campground? I think not. Really take a look at what he charges for EVERYTHING in the park and how it is actually maintained. The cabins are outdated, the games in the game room don't work most of the time and he charges for EVERYTHING! I wonder, are you on Mr. Button's nice list? I'm guessing yes from your reply. And if you think it's quiet after 11pm - you must be in your own campground. If the loud party is one of his friend's he will say nothing. And if you think he is flooded with requests, stop by the campground sometime and see how many campers are for sale. Once you get to know him and how crappy he treats people, you can wait to get out of there. Just ask many of the people with their camper for sale - although many are afraid to say anything because he'll tow your camper to the curb and then it's worth nothing - just like Mr. Button says.
Anonymous post on Monday, October 06, 2014
We are permanents.

Perhaps you didn't realize, but at any given time there are 15-20 people on staff. He invested a considerable amount into the beach water toys and shed. What is it you want for free? If you play games, want a golf cart, want to play mini golf, want wood, want visitors, want multiple units on the same site, etc. - yes, you need to pay. Or you can just relax and not spend your money if you want - have a fire, go to the park, beach, pool, ride your bikes, etc. - those things are free, assuming you actually invested in wood at the start of the year.

And rest assured, Jim and my family get along, but he's not afraid to let us know if we need to quiet down. In fact he pays for security to drive around on the vast majority of summer weekends.

As for campers for sale, of course - some people can't handle Jim and prefer to bitch and moan rather than work with him and get to know him. Those sorts can move on - I would much rather.

As the first reply said, I hope that gate doesn't hit you in the a$$ on the way out.
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