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 Anonymous post on Friday, October 03, 2014
Highly recommended for a daily stay or a weekend stay, but THAT’S it. Seriously. It’s clean and there’s plenty for visitors to do and enjoy if you bring enough money. If you’re at all considering this place to be a seasonal – PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE RECONSIDER! Here's why...This "resort" is the kingdom of the owner. If he likes you, you know it, if he doesn’t like you, you really know it. He says what goes and anything he doesn't approve of isn't done. You cannot do any landscaping, remodeling, without his approval and he will require his employees do the work at an additional cost plus his fees. His team consists of the carpenters, landscapers, plumbers, golf cart company, LP company, etc – all must give him a portion of whatever you pay – thus putting the amount you pay at a higher amount. Imagine having a nice little home away from home that you cannot decorate or landscape unless you get approval for every little detail. The seasonal fee is $2,250 tax. This includes your camper being at the campground, using the pool and the fishing pond. Most of the time the games in the game room don’t work anyway and staff isn’t happy to constantly fix them. Should you decide to sell your camper, shed, golf cart, etc – read the fine print. Any sales require you to pay the campground a 7% surcharge or $500, whichever is greater. So when you sell your golf cart for $1,000 – say goodbye to $500. If you sell your Fifth Wheel for $28,000 – say goodbye to $1,960. There are surcharges for LP, electric and any other amenities and you MUST pay them. All bills are generated through Evergreen, so you never really know what your actual bill is – thus the surcharges and no follow up. There is a $169 fee for having your LP tanks inspected (this service is actually free through Ferrell Gas – if you don’t believe me, call them). AND if you have guests, each person is required to pay $4.25 and you have to register your vehicle for $10.00 (the $10 is returned to you when you leave). So if you have 10 non-household family members come visit you for a weekend, the charge will be an additional $85.00 vehicles. Evergreen tells you it’s for safety – yet people sneak in ALL of the time. Bottom line – a day or weekend to visit is awesome, anything longer than that and you’ll be shelling out $20 and $50 like Halloween candy.
Anonymous post on Sunday, October 05, 2014
We are a seasonal, and correct - you cannot remodel between Memorial and Labor Day because it's annoying to hear hammers and saws during a relaxing weekend. As you noted, it's clean and well staffed and he runs a tight ship - that's why it is how it is. You pay for what you use - if you eat up a ton of electric, you should pay for it. If you have a site full of people, they need to pay also. That keeps people from having massive parties on a single site. The seasonal fee is reasonable if you camp enough like we do - we go every single weekend and come/go as we please, so it's well worth not having to worry about booking and planning.
Anonymous post on Tuesday, October 07, 2014
Evergreen Campground is a great campground for daily, weekend or seasonal stays with great people. As a seasonal camper I feel that the personal that wrote this review must have been a seasonal that has recently left the park. Evidently the reviewer forgot that, prior to anyone purchasing a seasonal camping site at Evergreen they are required met with the owner and explained the campground rules, fees and provided this information in writing and have to sign agreeing to this. As everything is clearly explained and there are no hidden or fine print things in the lease agreement, I do not understand why they are now complaining about things that they agree to prior? It is correct that building and landscaping must be approved by the owner, but this is for the improvement of the park and to make sure it does not disturb others. We all know people that build things or do landscaping that look terrible, unsafe and do not follow building codes. Over the years I have worked on my own unit, many others have and never been required to hire Evergreen employees as the reviewer stated. I have never known of any reasonable request for building or landscape turned down by the owner. He always is happy to see improvements with the seasonal camping sites and offers great suggestions. The only seasonal sites that I know that contract with the owner for improvements are those that either can not do the work themselves or those that don’t want to do the work. Seasonal fee’s and costs are very reasonable, if not cheaper than other area campgrounds. As most campgrounds, there is a daily fee for visitors to your site, but this is very reasonable. Evergreen is a gated community for everyone’s safety and visitors must register and receive a gate pass for a $10 deposit; upon leaving the park the visitor returns the pass and the $10 deposit is returned to the visitor. There was a comment regarding a 7% surcharge for sale of units left on site, this is correct, but who pays for upgrades the water, sewer and electric services, not the seasonal camper, it’s the campground. When ever a unit is sold and remains on site, utilities are checked and upgraded or maintained. An LP inspection is done by Ferrell Gas when units are sold, but not just the tanks as the reviewer stated, they check stove, furnace and hook up. As many seasonal campers do work on their own unit, these inspections are for the safety of the new owners. Lastly the reviewer complains about having to buy candy to give out at the Halloween Weekend, this is part of the many family activities during the year at the park. There is not a requirement for seasonal campers to participate in these activities. If they did not wish to participate in trick or treat why did they a then complain about it?
I commend Evergreen staff for doing a great job maintaining a great campground and continually make improvement and upgrades.
Anonymous post on Tuesday, October 07, 2014
Interesting comments regarding my original post. Our extended family had been going to Evergreen since before James Button took over. After he had words with my uncle in the store about a daily fee which he had actually been coming to the store to pay, some extended family decided not to return. But we had been returning yearly with our son and decided to stay since he made some friends there and we liked the campgrounds for the most part. We had asked the owner if we could put a deck on ourselves and he gave us a very short period of time to have it complete or said we could hire his guys to do it which would have cost us more than doing it ourselves. Trying to deal with the owner was enough after Halloween last year and we were out. And yes we did pay our 7% - but that would have gone a long way to help us purchase our new fifth wheel if it had been just the $500 other places charge. Seriously.
Anonymous post on Tuesday, October 07, 2014
Another thing....... When we had work done on our golf cart a few years back, the owner of the golf cart place gave us a quote but then James Button wanted all bills going through him and the amount increased. I wasn't happy but I paid it thinking he found something else wrong, only to learn later from the owner at the golf cart place that it hadn't actually costed more than he had quoted us!!
Anonymous post on Thursday, October 09, 2014
I have had many family members come visit - immediate and extended - and none had an issue paying the few bucks to stay the day. There is no place in America you can enjoy all these amenities for a few bucks - if they have a problem with it, they are cheap. If people just want to come sit at your site, then perhaps they should save their few bucks and go elsewhere like a public park.

As for your deck, yes - you have a window in which to work. As a fellow permanent I don't want to spend my weekend listening to you hammer away. If you work it out with the management to do it during the week, sure - have at it. If it were a free-for-all, Lord knows what we would see hanging off these trailers.
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