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 Anonymous post on Friday, January 09, 2015
Leisurewood has some directors that are under 65. Read their web page & that is true.. Its a great family place but a few clowns here are just negative.Its not negative at all. By the way my name is Bob Carillion, at my size its hard to hide behind anonymous.
Anonymous post on Saturday, June 27, 2015
The biggest problem at this campground is the fact that they do not enforce their rules. Party's continue past the 11PM quiet time, drunks yelling and screaming all through the night.
Rules? The rules do not apply to the drunks if you are in their little group at this campground. If you don't like it and confront them about it, they tell you just what they think of you. Sure, you can go to the office and complain about it and NOTHING EVER gets done!!
Leisurewood needs to enforce their own written rules, which are in their own Leisurewood Handbook.
There are now quite a few of these leaseholders there now, trying to relive their adolescent years by partying all night long. Midlife crisis with these people, so do not plan on working a job while you are there, you will get no sleep!
Sure hope you are not in need of Security after 11PM, you will NEVER hear from any of them!!
Good Luck, you'll need it!!
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