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 Anonymous post on Monday, August 24, 2015
Took a trip with a few friends to Merrick State Park in mid-August and had an absolute ball! We were at Campsite 49 on the Island. This campsite was large enough for three 2-person tents and a picnic table topper. It had a stunning view (right on the river) while still having some privacy and protection with many trees and bushes covering the river as well. The site was secluded enough that we couldn't see our neighbors, but not enough so that you couldn't hear them (which was fine!). We brough a canoe which we launched from our campsite (right across from the canoe trail) and hung a hammock above the rocks by the river bank overlooking the river. It was gorgeous. The biggest downside to the island campsites is that there are a few port-a-potties that were absolutely disgusting. To find a decent bathroom, it was quite the hike or a drive to the North Campground. Would highly recommend this state park if you have a canoe or desire to fish. There are virtually no hiking paths. We spent on of our two days camping going tubing on the Trempeleau River! Would go again and stay on the Island!
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