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 Anonymous post on Friday, September 11, 2015
Vulgar Hosts, Shockingly Rude. We were looking for a nice camp site in the Finger Lakes area and found Cool Lea campground in Odessa on Lake Cayuta. Everything seemed normal from the highway, but after we pulled into the driveway, we were met with a series of gigantic speed bumps that rattled our vehicle and nearly bottomed out going only 10mph. We continued up the long drive towards the office to inquire about available sites. I parked the car and approached the office when an angry man came chasing after us on a lawn mower, slammed his gear on the ground and approached me as if he wanted a fight..... This was the lovely owner of the campground. He began to yell at me about "speeding" in his campground. I tried to explain to him that we were only going 10mph (up the very long driveway, mind you..) a reasonable speed, and that his speed bumps nearly caused damage to our car. He wouldn't listen to a word. Just kept screaming to get out of his property.  We were shocked.  I then decided I would never give this man my money, and proceeded to leave the camp. He blocked us in at the exit and was joined by a woman and 4 children (whom we presumed to be his daughter and grand kids). I beeped my horn once to say "Let us out", and the woman began cursing at us, and flipping her finger in front of her young children. I rolled down my window to attempt to explain the situation to her, and she just continued to curse. Finally the man moved his tractor, and we were allowed to leave. Worst campground hosts ever.

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