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 Anonymous post on Saturday, September 19, 2015
We have stayed at Evergreen several times before and always enjoy ourselves. Love the smaller size of the grounds, paved roads and ammenities. We camped there a few weekends ago and it was quiet. There was a private event so the beach was closed for the weekend, and we knew that ahead of time. The pool was still heated and opened for the kids which was nice. Loved the new bounce mat. We were quite disappointed at the fact the store closed early on both Friday and Saturday nights. The signs clearly state hours of operation until 1030. Friday night we just overheard staff talking about closing about an hour early. Ok, I get was slow and around 9pm or so. But Sat we are playing mini golf and go to return our putters at 730pm and a staff member opens the locked door to take them from us and states they are closed. If you are going to close early at least communicate to your customers. All that is needed is a sign. Even if it is put up an hour before...something. I am not sure if staff were going to the event or there were call ins.....whatever. Just communicate so customers can plan ahead. There were many others tugging at the door and heading to the store as we walked back to our site. Just not a good way to do business. It unfortunately left a sour taste in our mouth.
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