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 Anonymous post on Tuesday, October 25, 2016
We camped here for 20 years until I could not take it anymore. When we first started coming here it was a very nice place and well run. Now it is run by the owners young granddaughter where the authority has all gone to her head. She makes an embarrassing fool out of herself. They make up ridiculous rules per situation, nothing is written down. They don't trust anyone, they follow you around and see where you are. I come there to relax, not to be harassed and question my every move. They have a "rule" where my son and wife and my husband and myself can't be on the lot rent together, why, I will never know. we own the trailer, but my son and wife live less than a mile from the campground so we put it in their name and we would be their "guests". We were all up there one weekend, my son is in HVAC and was on call so left the campground for a few hours...oh, that was unacceptable...this granddaughter actually drives around in her golf cart and makes sure the "owners" and the guests are always together...another rule, you can't be up there if the "owner" of the lot is not... if not, oh she comes by asks where my son is and I tell her he will be right back and she tells me I have 10 min. to leave....guests can't be there without the "owner" of the she sends her husband up, my son gets back and now the granddaughter looks like an idiot...apparently thinking I lied to her....husband apologized for his wife and that was the last straw...we left and found a much better campground that didn't care if 50 people were on the lost other campground cared how many were on a lot rent and none of them required the owner to be there when guests were there......we went to 3 other campgrounds and they would happily allow all 4 of us to be on the lot rent. they also said they had numerous other campers from this campground inquire about lots...the place is going down the toilet thanks to this young, entitled spoiled, know it all granddaughter...too bad because I enjoyed my time there for many beware of this place for sure.
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