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 Anonymous post on Thursday, September 15, 2011
I admit, this is a beautiful place to camp at.

I just won't ever come back because they charge you $10 to get in and $20 leave. YES you read it right...THEY CHARGE YOU $20 to leave. Seriously who charges you to get in and then charges you to leave?

I came here to visit a friend's campsite for 2 hours only and that's what we told the lady at the entrance booth collecting the fees, she couldn't even be cool about it and give us a freakin senior vehicle discount which is only $5. And when we were leaving the guy at the booth said it's $20...and I was like WHAT? Are you kidding me? We're only in there for 2hrs and you're gonna charge us $20 to leave? He then said well you can always come back for free tomorrow with this receipt. I told him we're trying to go home not stay here and espcially NOT coming back ever again after being ripped OFF. I made it clear to him that it was a rip off and we weren't coming back there EVER again.
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